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Building that first home comes with a big bag of mixed emotions. There’s the excitement, the pride and let’s be honest, a touch of nerves. It’s perfectly normal. After all you’re about to make the single largest investment of your life! Lucky for you, you’ve found B1 Homes. And while there’s not a builder on the planet who can make the process entirely free from the first home jitters, B1 gives it a good go.

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Scott Park

Our founder, Scott Park has built beautiful homes for the people of Perth for over 25 years, and he’s always been about delivering a better home and a better experience, regardless of your budget. Scott’s always believed that certain features should come as standard, like dependability, honesty, and attention to detail. So you can relax and feel more of that excitement and less of those first-home-jitters.


There are dozens of builders out there claiming to be first home specialists, so why are we at B1 Homes any better? In a nutshell, we believe in building affordable first homes you actually want to live in; homes you’ll still love in 3 or 4 years time. And because we’ve done all the thinking upfront and developed a smarter, more streamlined process, you get the keys to a better built home faster.

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Building means creating a home no one else has ever lived in, decorated, or messed up. No avocado coloured bath, no brown floral tiles and no strange extension that looks completely out of place. It’s the design you chose to suit your lifestyle, with your fixtures and your fittings. Yours.

Your kind of town

But it’s not just about the bricks and fittings. Building means you get to pick a block you like in a community that fits your life. There are dozens of well planned new developments for you to choose from, so whether you’re an ocean person, city type, singleton, family-planner, tree hugger or a café lover, you’ll find the lifestyle you’re looking for.

Save the stress

Renovating always looks like so much fun in movies; the girl with a cute smudge of paint on her nose, couples painting in time to an old song on the stereo and take-aways on the floor… What the movies don’t show you are the paint spills on freshly sanded floors, crumbling old render, plumbing disasters, bodgy wiring behind the sockets and other unexpected stresses and expenses. Alternatively you could build with B1 Homes and move into a better built home that’s structurally guaranteed for years. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

Because you can

We make the buying process as painless as possible. That starts by helping you get your hands on the right first home owners grant. Then there’s the loan. We can find you finance options with staggered payments so you pay less while your home is being built. Buying new has another big advantage: You only pay stamp duty on the land, not the value of the home. That can amount to a pretty serious saving.

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Access the best finance

Our finance partners, Let’s Finance find the best loan for you, from a range of quality lenders. Then they'll simplify the process for a faster, less stressy approval. Want to get your hands on the First Home Owner Grant? Let's Finance can help with that too.

Buy the right land

We've got connections at every quality land development in the region, so we can guide you to the right block and the right community for the life you want to live. And once you've found the land you love, we'll help you secure it quick.

Construct that home

We believe building your first home should be a positive experience from start to finish. So once you've chosen from our range of affordable designs, we'll step you through our simple, stress free process, and build you a better home - A home you can be proud of.