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Let’s face it, building isn’t for everyone – but if you are lucky enough to find the right guidance, qualified experience and a genuine passion for creating beautiful homes, then you’re in with a chance to love it!

It’s true to say that finding the above is equivalent to the needle-haystack storyline. Who do you trust? How many people has your Consultant helped and have they delivered on their promises? Will this improve my life? What should I look for?

Here are a few points to look for:

• Exceptional design – live-able home layouts that just feel good.
• Professional Advice – practical knowledge gained by walking the talk
• Personal Build experience – 20+ years should cover this
• Genuine passion for delivering outstanding building journey’s
• Up to date trends, techniques and materials
• Where to buy, why and what you need to know

It’s easy to be caught up in the “rush” some Builders push, but thankfully there’s a healthy alternative that will give you the time and confidence you need when you’re making the big decisions. Work at your own pace – guided by a genuine professional who cares about what you want.

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Note: Advertised price includes $10,000 First Home Owners Grant and/or any available rebates (for eligible purchasers).

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