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Ways to build

Ways to build

Whether you’re an investor or a first homebuyer looking for a little exibility, there are quite a few ways you can make more of your block and the building process. This page gives you an idea of the kind of projects B1 Homes can help you with.

Before you build a thing

The first thing you need to do when you’ve decided to build new, is get yourself a good building partner. We’d love to help and we’re well qualified to do so. After all we’re part of a group with over 25 years’ experience and a mountain of shiny building awards. So whether you’re building your very first home, considering a new home on your old block or looking at a dual occupancy project, we’ve got a lot of wisdom to share.

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Dual Living

Dual living

What exactly is a dual living residence? Simply put, it’s two homes in one house. They’re becoming a popular option in Perth because of the flexibility and investment opportunity they offer. So what can you do with a dual living property?

• Give adult children a bit of space
• Live near (but not with) extended family
• Live in one unit, rent the other
• Maximise returns by renting out both units

The reason we love dual living properties is that you can double the usefulness of a property without having to double the land size, or the building cost. The two dwellings make dual living a brilliant prospect for people who want to share the cost of the investment with friends or family. And in today’s housing market, anything that makes homeownership more accessible has got to be a good thing.

Two Storey Living

Two storey living

Block sizes keep getting smaller but your love of entertaining is growing, right? Our Manhattan- inspired 2 storey range is the perfect way to get a next-level lifestyle on a small block and budget. There’s plenty of reason to choose two storey living, especially when it’s delivered with such style.

• Two storeys can double your living space without doubling the home’s footprint
• Two storeys make the most of views on offer
• Upper East Side style will impress family and friends

Soaring ceilings over 5 metres high, highlight windows that ood towering exposed brick walls with natural light and a super-functional open plan kitchen, it’s two storey living that lets you stretch out without stretching the budget.

Battle Axe

Build on a battle-axe

With state and local governments keen to encourage urban infill, battle-axe blocks are becoming easier to approve. What’s a battle-axe block? It’s a potential homesite behind another house. If you’re thinking about building on one, you’ll need driveway access and enough land to build on. (The team at B1 Homes can let you know what is and isn’t possible.) Battle-axe blocks can be an investor’s dream. You end up with two separate properties and a whole lot of options:

• Live in one and rent the other
• Rent out both and maximise the return
• Sell one and pay off a chunk of your home loan
• Sell both and reinvest the profit

We’ve got dozens of home designs to suit blocks of all shapes and sizes, and understand the shire approval processes. So if you want to build a home behind a home, we’re behind you.

Dual Living


Taking a block of land and splitting it into a duplex, triplex or more, can be a cunning way to build a some capital growth. Pick the right neighborhood and the right builder and the properties you create will generate a decent income as well as tax deductions through depreciation. Win. Win.

• Live in one and rent the other/s
• More capital on your balance sheet – more potential to invest.
• Use depreciation schedules to pay less tax

Duplex too complex? Not with B1 Homes. We’re ready to sort out specialist finance, find the land, and design and build your investment.

Two Storey Living

Investment properties

Share portfolios are fine, but you can’t live in a share portfolio. In the long term nothing beats property as an investment. If you build on the right block, with good people like B1 Homes, you’re going to end up with a juicy monthly rental return and unbeatable capital growth.

• Build capital over the years
• Rental returns over the months
• Tax benefits
• An investment you can see, and control

And it’s simple. Buy land. Build house. Rent house out. You don’t need a degree in economics, you just need a partner who’s been there and done that a thousand times over (that’ll be us).

Battle Axe

Display leaseback

If you want your investment property to be looked after like a display home, invest in an actual display home. How? We build it, you buy it, we rent it from you and use it as a display home. We’re the best tenants you’ll ever have. No parties, no cats peeing on your carpets, we’ll keep it spotless inside and out, and pay you a very healthy 7.5% for the life of the display (that could be up to 5 years).

• Safe investment and guaranteed high returns
• Depreciation tax benefits
• Great properties in desirable areas

And when we’re done, you’re handed back the keys to an immaculately presented home with premium fixtures, fittings and landscaped gardens. Seriously, if you can get your hands on one of these, grab it quick.

Simple Finance Fast

Lets Finance are here to simplify the tricky stuff and get you moving faster:

• Pre-approvals
• First & Next Home Loans
• Investment Loans
• Home Improvement Loans
• Keystart
• Refinancing